Transportation –SB  Sager Challenges

The site is Russia Wharf, reclaimed land housing three pieces of prized Boston architecture protected under the Historical Register.  To complete Boston's $12 billion Central Artery construction project, a new subway tunnel will need to be constructed directly below these buildings.  However Russia Wharf's age and historical significance argue against employing normal tunnel-cutting techniques.  The solution:  Freeze the ground beneath the wharf to create a temporary support structure using a technique never before used in the U.S. – and never in the world under a building of this sort.  The electrical engineer's tasks: 1) Identify alternate sources of reliable power not readily available from the local utility, 2) tap into these sources, and 3) make dead-solid certain that the building won't fall into the ground due to loss of power.  For a job this intricate and demanding the choice of the right electrical engineer was crucial.  The choice was S.B. Sager and Associates.






In one of the most complicated technical phases of the Central Artery Project, S.B. Sager Associates implemented a project plan for the South Station electrical work that resulted in zero-loss of commuter services.





Medical – SB Sager Innovations

In no single arena is there more of a demand for expert electrical engineering than in the operating rooms of modern medicine.  This holds particularly true when light itself is in short supply.  At a highly respected Boston-area hospital, neuro intervention is conducted in a darkened room.  The status of air bubbles in IV drip bags is hard to read except by flashlight.  Without interfering with other sensitive electronics in the O.R. or producing heat on the IV bags, engineers from S.B. Sager placed a fiberoptic light box beneath the bed and ran fiberstrands up to a fiberoptic light track.  Designed by computer to arrange the beams and change the spreads of the lights, the system avoided the surgeon's eyes – and cast a critical new light on patient health.  In conjunction with hospital staff, S.B. Sager developed a new standard for monitoring IV drip bags, but only by first understanding the needs of medical professionals.



Power Quality Studies

To S.B. Sager & Associates power contaminated is power denied.  In response to growing customer demand, we have become one of the few electrical engineering firms in New England to conduct power-quality studies, founding a division specifically to investigate problems due to improper grounding or the harmonic contamination of electrical circuits.

Using our own diagnostic equipment, operated by licensed in-house technicians, we routinely conduct surveys and investigations to discover what is wrong with a building or system.  Thanks in part to advanced computer techniques to model systems within a building, we are widely acknowledged as an authority in distinguishing between electrical perception and reality, specifying corrective measures, and presenting our clients with both immediate and longer-term options.

While every job is handled like an individual design, client continuity is paramount.  S.B. Sager possesses an infallible "corporate memory" in this regard.  When we work with a repetitive client, i.e. a high-rise building, we develop a set of standards exclusively for that client – standards that change only when the client agrees they do.  Our penchant for remembering what our clients like and need has enabled us to establish several retainer-based relationships.



Sophisticated Power Engineering – Core Competency

S.B Sager's power-engineering expertise combines the accumulated knowledge and resources of 50 years of experience.  It enables us to provide specialized power design for commercial buildings at computer-grade engineering levels.

More specifically, S.B. Sager is expert in the study and design of prime and standby power generation plants, computer room distribution and power supplies, and electrical systems analysis and modeling.  We are fully conversant in the business of uninterrupted operation, whether it is in manufacturing, a financial or a medical facility.  Furthermore, we understand hoe the systems we design must function to support process equipment at user sites.

At S.B. Sager, we understand the importance of two way communication for each and every project.  We know that you have money riding on every decision – and non-decision.  And we appreciate that a deadline delayed is not much of a deadline at all.  That is why you will find S.B. Sager to be extraordinarily responsive to your questions and concerns, conveying technical issues in plain language.  In short, whenever you want an answer, you will get one – fast.



Finance and Banking

Backing up financial futures – one client, three locations.  In 1987, a major Boston-based investment house, sensed potential upheaval in its power supply wit the advent of the Central Artery project, and contracted S.B. Sager to successfully engineer effective backup power.  Then, in 1992, the company was faced with the prospect of a single power line on a nearby truck route coming down – and taking its new 220,000 sq. ft data center located in Central Massachusetts off line.  S.B. Sager developed a sophisticated 100% back-up capability that paralleled with the utility.  When management anticipates the need to operate independently form the utility, the Sager-engineered system ramps up the on-site generation as it ramps down the utility, resulting in a seamless transfer of power.  And again in 1996, fully understanding the client's needs, S.B. Sager furthered the state-of-the-art in backup power at the company's 300,000 sq. ft. Northern Massachusetts facility.  In this instance, three generators paralleled with three utility-powered switchboards networked through three rotary UPS systems.  A competing engineering firm was struck by the elegance of Sager's solution, and the tourable powerplant itself became part of the end-user sell.






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