A new generation of multi-layered technologies has emerged in contemporary electrical engineering, an industry in which changes already see to occur by the hour.  For those charged with optimizing these technologies, the volcanic nature of this recent change is upping the technological ante.  Today electrical engineers must be capable of understanding all the issues, anticipating the future, and recommending solutions accordingly.  Because what was sufficient for incandescent light will not work for assembly robotics – and what worked for a retail outlet clearly will not make the grade in the failure-intolerant data center of a major financial institution. S.B. Sager & Associates possesses the knowledge , skill, and experience to confront these issues.



S.B. Sager & Associates has developed and continues to enhance a roster of services uncommon in a firm our size.  Typically encompassing projects from tenant fit-up to new campus design, our work in traditional electrical engineering reflects equal parts translation, technical expertise, and industry-specific knowhow.  Working in parallel with leading architects and other professionals, we seamlessly take project concepts from the schematic level to bid documents to construction completion.  And coordination with other trades is not just a word.  At S.B. Sager it is a way of life.



Recognizing that continuity is essential in electrical engineering, each S.B. Sager design team is staffed with trained field engineers.  We are unsurpassed in our scrupulous observation of contractor's efforts throughout the life of the project, verifying all construction activities to ensure consistency with design intent.  From traditional observation to textbook micromanagement, from the quality of the build-out to the color of a wire, we ensure that the contractor is performing according to client expectations.

      These days, traditional electrical engineering is "traditional" in name only.  Work with professionals who insist that the only acceptable point of view is the one they get from staying on top of your project.  Choose a firm which can not only surmount a demanding technology curve, but also turn it to your advantage.  For tradition, knowledge and innovative expertise – S.B. Sager & Associates.




A compact, highly efficient Sager-designed system using G.E. VaporTran® fan-cooled transformers produces increased capacity with improved reliability.






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